My Setup


As an Apple enthusiast, I’m excited to share my setup with you. It makes my life a joy and might inspire you to enhance your own.


I watch a lot of TV shows, movies, and YouTube videos, so picture and sound quality are important to me. I often use my app for Apple TV to interact with my Apple computers.

My Mac Mini serves as my home server, downloading content in the background and running HomeBridge for non-HomeKit compatible devices.


While cooking or washing dishes, I enjoy listening to music or podcasts, and my Apple HomePod is perfect for that.

I love coffee and recently upgraded from a Nespresso machine to the Breville Barista Pro. It’s amazing, especially with Vergnano 1882 Arabica coffee beans.


My main workhorse is the MacBook Pro, which allows me to work from anywhere. When paired with the Apple Studio Display, it transforms into a powerful desktop computer.

For Windows development, I needed a small yet powerful PC, and the Lenovo IdeaCentre is a perfect choice for work-related tasks.

For occasional YouTube or TV watching while working, I use Apple TV, connected to my Dell monitor.

For MacBook Time Machine backups, I rely on the reliable and fast SunDisk 2TB External SSD.


Before drifting off to sleep, I love to watch a couple of episodes of my favorite TV shows, streaming them directly from my Mac Mini in the living room.