Summary 2022

Yearly Summary

Yearly Summary - 2022

As this year ends, it’s time to summarize another year as an indie developer. This year was good for me; the business grew slowly but steadily.

I added some of the long-planned features to my apps, like using H264 video compression to improve remote desktop viewing in the Remote Mouse & Keyboard app. Move away from a WordPress-powered website to a static website made with Jekyll. Optimize Apple SearchAds performance by collecting conversion data and focusing on specific keywords. Translate all my apps to all possible languages using Google Translate, thanks to my app that allows doing that quickly and painlessly.

And yes, I’m aware that the quality of the translation could be better - but as you will see shortly, only a few countries generate enough revenue to justify spending money on human translation, which is a pricy.

Unfortunately, I haven’t made any new apps this year. I have some ideas, but they need to mature, and I need to learn more before I can implement them.

This year, I also had a scare; Apple threatened to block my developer account. I had an influx of positive ratings for my apps after I tweaked the code to be more aggressive about asking for ratings and reviews. It was released to all my users at once in one of the app updates; the numbers triggered the algorithm that detects purchased ratings/reviews. All is well that ends well, but that cost me multiple grey hairs and sleepless nights.

But it’s all behind now, and it’s time for a new year. But before that, here are some numbers that you might find interesting and inspiring, as I was by someone else when I turned indie.

2022 Revenue

Monthly revenue

This year the seasonality continued, and for my apps, that means that when people spend more time outside during summer, there are fewer sales, and during winter, leading to the new year, sales start to climb back up.

Monthly Revenue

Revenue by country

Unsurprisingly my biggest markets are still the US, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Canada, and Australia.

Revenue by country

2022 Expenses (i.e. Apple SearchAds)

SearchAds remains my biggest expense, along with the taxes. Without them, it is nearly impossible to have any meaningful app business on the Apple App Store. The fight over users’ eyeballs is so tough you must spend money to gain any attention.

Montly spending

Monthly Spending

Spending by country

No surprises here; most lucrative markets demand bigger investments in advertising.

Spending by country

Year over year trend

Easy does it


year-on-year revenue

SearchAds spending

year-on-year SearchAds spending

Happy New Year!

May this coming year be better than the last, and the good forces defeat the evil.

I avoid being public about donations, but I have donated and plan to continue doing so in the future as long as I can, both to my local community and the people of Ukraine. They fight a brutal war for their independence and self-determination and to stop the evil and corrupt empire from spreading to other countries. And I want to take this opportunity to call you to do the same. Use their National Bank link to easily contribute to their efforts in preserving peace and freedom: