Helper App for Mac & Windows

The Remote Helper app enables apps to control your computer and stream video and audio files to your devices.


The app implements standard network security measures, like encrypted connection over HTTPS. If you enable “Ask to grant access for unknown devices” in the helper app settings, you will get a prompt each time an unknown device tries to establish a connection with your computer, and it’s up to you to allow or deny it access. You can change this for any device in the helper app settings.

Authorize Security Mac


While the app works out of the box for most people, every computer has its own set of apps installed, like firewalls and antivirus software, and every network is different, and problems may arise.

First, you might want to use a QR code (a simple way to tell the app your computer IP address) to connect to your computer. Click on the helper app icon, and select Show QR code. Then in the app, tap on the More button in the top left corner of the main view and select Scan QR Code. The app will decode the image, extract the address, and try connecting to it.

QR Code Mac More Menu Scan QR

Problems with connecting

Suppose the app on your iPhone or iPad can’t find your computer after downloading and installing the helper app. In that case, I recommend you perform a short and easy diagnostic to help us better understand where the problem lies.

  • Please check that app has permission to use Local Network by opening iOS Settings -> Select the app from the list of apps -> and turn ON the Local Network switch.

Local Network

  • If your iPhone has a hotspot, enable it and connect to it on your computer. Then restart the app and see if it works. If the app works, the problem is with your network. See below for more details.

  • If you can’t use a hotspot on your iPhone, create a new network on your computer (both Mac and Windows operating systems support this), and connect to it on your iPhone or iPad. Then restart the app and see if it works. If the app works, the problem is with your network. See below for more details.

  • If the app doesn’t work after you performed #1/#2, the problem is your computer. See below for more details.

Fixing Network Issues

  • Restart your router (disconnect the power plug, wait for a couple of seconds, and plug it in again).

  • Check your firewall settings (on your computer/router).

  • Public networks (in hotels, schools, libraries and etc.) block connection between devices. Create a new network on your computer and use it instead.

  • Reset network settings on your iPhone / iPad

Fixing Computer Issues

If the app is still not working